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  5. "Ele lê tanto quanto eu."

"Ele tanto quanto eu."

Translation:He reads as much as I do.

April 24, 2015



can someone clarify when to use "tão quanto" vs. "Tanto quanto"


"Tanto quanto" modifies verbs, as in the sentence above, and "tão... quanto" modifies adjectives.

  • Ele é tão bom quanto eu = He is as good as I am.

"Tanto... quanto/como" also translates "both... and" or modifies nouns.

  • Tanto a mãe como/quanto a filha gostam de dançar = Both mother and daughter like to dance. (It's also possible to say "tanto mãe e filha".)

  • Ela comprou tantos livros quanto eu = She bought as many books as I did.


The context is not descriptive enough to discern between "as many" and "as much". When the teacher (duolingo) assumes/implies a narrow context it is like laying a trap for the student. Why make the student fail when they have a correct answer?


Since the sentence has nothing to do with nouns, "as much" and "as many" is not applicable here.


Apparently "as much" is quite relevant and applicable because it's in the supplied translation. I can understand the answer much better now than I did a year ago.


What I meant was that you didn't have to "discern" whether to use "as many" or "as much" since there were no nouns - countable and uncountable - in the sentence that would dictate making such a choice.

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