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  5. "The crab is an animal."

"The crab is an animal."

Translation:Yengeç bir hayvandır.

April 24, 2015



so dIr is optional in the 3rd person. Is there any rule eon when to use and when not to use other than for clarification?


what a bout using hayvantur? instead of ...dir?


No. İt follows harmony rules.

Küçüktür. Hayvandır. Güzeldir.



Take a look at this and it will explain: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8649151

Basically, we are stating a fact here, so it sounds better to use it.


What would be the closest (literal) translation of it into English? This would help us understand the suffix better... For example, does it mean 'of course'? 'surely'? 'no doubt'?


I hear it as the parenthetical phrase, "for real!", just in case you don't believe it... a crab is an animal, for real.


dir is confusing a bit.. I gues we will get used to it. thanks


It's not confusing. -Dır is a suffix that is understood if missing. However I think it is always proper to use it. Mostly affixed to be better understood or for emphasis. If it is clear in context, then you can use it or not.


Why did it accept "Yengeç hayvandır."? Is "bir" optional here? If so why is it not optional in "Ben genç bir baykuşum." ? Also, when is it "t" when is it "d" the first letter of the suffix? I just can't find any hint in the tips about how this harmony rule goes. it is not a 2 or 4 way harmony, it seems to be something more complicated.


Yengec bir hayvandir

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