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Excluding ne from ne...pas?

A few minutes ago I clicked on a link on my activity stream and got caught up reading French speakers learning English discussing the phrase "We eat."

Something I noticed was that a lot of the people were skipping the ne in ne...pas or ne...aucune. For example there were a lot of "Il y a pas d'erreur," or "Il y a aucune erreur."

I'm wondering if this is just used as an internet abbreviation or if there or other grammar rules relating to it.

Thanks for your help!

April 25, 2015



Hi - in the 'Negatives' skill, in the notes, it explains that: The particle ne is often skipped or slurred in casual speech. It's also omitted for short phrases that lack a verb. • Pas si vite ! — Not so fast! • Pas de problème. — No problem. I hope that helps - at least a little :)


Thanks! I should've thought to check there first :)


Thanks for your help!


It's very informal, and seen mostly in speech or casual contexts like internet forums. Don't tell me everyone on the internet uses perfect grammar in English, I won't believe you!

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