"Han er den bedste brandmand i byen."

Translation:He is the best fireman in town.

April 25, 2015

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why is it byen and not by there is no the


"In town" is a fixed phrase which can't be translated into Danish just like that. You need the slightly longer form of "in the city".


what is a female firefight called? brandkvinde?


Kvindelig brandmand. It's a bit of an oxymoron byt there you are.


Equal to the phrase 'Madam Chairman'.

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    What's the difference between ild and brande?


    Atze, "en ild" refers to a fire in general, "en brand" is an unwanted fire that's out of control.

    • kaminild - a ... fireplace fire?
    • skovbrand - a forest fire


    "Brænd" is destructive "Ild" is just a flame.

    I like this song where both terms pop up: Joey Moe ft. Nik&Jay - Tænder En Ild

    ...Brænd alarm, brænd alarm. Jeg tror vi smelter sam'. (Ved du hvad du gør ved mig baby?) Du tænder en ild ind' i mig, bo-bo-bom-bom. Mit hjerte brænder, det brænder. - Det brænder kun kun, kun for dig'iaj. Sig mig er der hjælp vej? (Iiiuh uhiuuu)...


    As far as I know the word "brænd" as you write it does not exist.

    It's either "brand" (uncontrolled fire) or "brænde" (wood to make a fire).

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