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"Om jag hade tillräckligt med pengar skulle jag köpa världens alla rosor och ge till dig."

Translation:If I had enough money, I would buy all the roses in the world and give them to you.

April 25, 2015



The longest sentence that I have encountered in the course so far!


And probably the sweetest one too :>


There is one in Science section that's about this long xD


Ok so the question loaded up already answered anyone else had this happen?


Happened to me


To me as well. I screenshoted it.


Should that be called 'screenshat'? :D


S k ä r m d u m p e n


Haha.. Or screenshOt?


Yeah I did, found it really weird


Yep happened for me too


Yeah, I've had the same thing happen to me with other long sentences in the Android app as well. :(


This sentence is a bit of a mind-melter to me so if I may ask a few questions...

  1. Why is "med" in this sentence?

  2. Why "alla" before "världens"?

  3. Why is there nothing between "ge" and "till"? Like "dem" or "de" or whatever it could be?

  1. tillräckligt doesn't work on its own. It's a measurement word. In English, enough works without a preposition, but you have a lot of other expressions of measurement that don't either. Like a lot for instance – you can't say if I had a lot money. Same with tillräckligt.

  2. In Swedish, both världens alla rosor and alla världens rosor are possible.

  3. You can add dem if you want to, but it isn't necessary in Swedish. English needs them here for some reason.


I had "alla världens rosor" and was marked wrong.


It's possible the system made an error or that we've missed a decent translation, but the sentence is so long that it's honestly more likely you had a different error which the system didn't tell you about. If you're sure that you're right but you're marked wrong, please consider leaving an error report the next time. That way, we have a paper trail to give the developers - or we can see what the problem is. :)


great answer. Just a question, is it possible to say "alla rosor i världen" for example? I started this course on the Spanish-Swedish version and it sucks, the English- Swedish version seems to work MUCH better


Yeah, that also works. :)


I added dem and it was marked wrong, I'll report it then. Thanks for the clarifications!


What's the function of in this sentence? I first thought that it would be 'If I had enough money to do so...', but that was wrong.


I've encountered this before when reading Swedish texts outside of Duolingo, and I think it's function is similar to "then", which explains the conclusion of an "if" sentence if the "if" clause is mentioned first.

"IF this THEN that."

"IF I had enough money THEN I would buy..."

In English, we usually omit the 'then' and prefer using a comma (or a slight pause when speaking) to separate the clauses. I think we only add it to emphasize how great the result of the condition would have been, or to express annoyance... (e.g. "Well if you had a job then maybe you'd have money for roses!")

I guess in Swedish, omitting the "så" and replacing it with a comma would be grammatically incorrect?

Someone deny or confirm this assumption. :)


It's not grammatically incorrect, I frequently say så in speech. But it's not recommended to use to much in formal writing, since it's not necessary


That makes sense. Thanks for your assumption! ;)


Just FYI, @Zmrzlina said on a discussion for a similar sentence: "The så is entirely optional, and squeezed inbetween the clauses if used. It's common in speech but not in writing."

:) I'll wait for even more Swedes to confirm or deny lol.


The word så is generally omitted in swedish just as 'then' in english


It is often omitted yes, but the language council recommends it to be added, so most of the sentence in this course that could have a has it.


In English I would say, "all (of) the world's roses" but in Swedish is this construction always "världens alla rosor" (the world's all roses)?


It can be either way, both "världens alla rosor" and "alla världens rosor" are correct.


Like a couple of others, I too had the answer already preloaded, so there must be a bug.


Going with the 'verb goes second' rule, shouldn't the beginning of the sentence read, "Om hade jag..."?


Good question, sorry I didn't see this earlier. The first part of the sentence is a subordinate clause. The V2 rule only applies to main clauses. If you look at the whole sentence, the structure is like this:
[subordinate clause expression condition] skulle jag köpa … 
where the verb is in second place, it's just that the first place is very long.

In subordinate clauses, the rule is that the subject goes before the verb. (and if there's an inte in it, it too has to go before the verb).


Thank you! I have also been wondering about the 'inte first', too, and why that was happening, sometimes. Little by little things are starting to make more sense. I have been away from Duolingo for a while and concentrating on "Memrise", which is really helping with vocabulary retention and decoding of native speaker speach, but I sure wish that program had the explanatory notes and explanation that Duolingo offers. Thanks, again, Arnauti!


That's an awful lot of roses.


I'm feeling pretty proud of myself for solving this


Idag är 14. Feb. 2021. Glad alla hjärtans dag från Phnom Penh!


Give to you vs give them to you? Duo didn't allow me to omit the "them"


English needs the "them".


I have seen that for a sentence construction like this where you have two clauses, sometimes the order of subect and verb is maintained for the second clause and sometimes it is reversed (like in this case). Can someone tell me what determines that?


In Swedish, the verb goes in the second position. The first position in this sentence is taken by the subordinate clause, so the verb skulle goes next, followed by the rest.

For more on Swedish word order, see https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8970470


Hi Mark, I can't comment on your deleted comments but I just wanted to point out that whenever you delete a comment that has answers, that ugly string of [deleted] shows up (I deleted the other ones since there's no point in keeping answers to comments that are no longer there). So a better option if you want to get rid of comments is to contact a moderator and ask them to do it (we can't fix it afterwards and I've honestly given up hope Duo will ever fix this bug). – Today of course the Activity streams are down to so it wouldn't have worked anyway, and it's no biggie but just FYI :)


Gotcha. And thanks :)


Does anyone else just copy and paste this? I find it's such a long sentence, and you can't pass the lesson/practice without completing it, that you have to rote learn it which is presumably not the point of the course. Eventually i ran out of patience and now i copy and paste it as soon as i see it, otherwise I'd never practice the conditional verbs (which i don't get to practice enouigh anyway).


But then, why are you here, if not to actually learn Swedish?


The "to" is missing from words on offer.


I have found that if there are lots of words and it seems that some necessary words are missing, you can zoom out on the webpage and then more words will be revealed.


Unfortunately, we cannot control the word bank.


It's very frustrating when you are asked to translate this sentence from English to Swedish and "dig" is not one of the alternatives. Or on another occasion from Swedish to English and "if" is not listed. Can you correct this?


I'm sorry to say that, unfortunately, I don't think we can. We are not able to control the word bank at all - the system generates that automatically.


Impressive pick up line. Do swedish people like roses?


Don't all people generally? :)


Why is all the roses of the world marked wrong, am I missing something?


We actually do accept that in a few variations, but given the nature of this sentence I think it's impossible to tell what else could have gone wrong unless you happen to remember your full input. :)


I think you know this already, but the word bank does not supply all of the words necessary to translate this sentence.


It's a very, very annoying bug which I do not think we are able to affect. :(


The word "money" didn't appear as an option for me


That appears to be happening a lot more recently. I'm afraid I have no idea what causes it, but that's a bug.


On mobile the answer is already provided. The only option I had was to submit it.


Yeah, that happens at times. It's annoying, but luckily not the worst bug. :)


Is there a rule for when to use in an if-clause?


Not that I know of. :)


That sentence is just abusively long. I hate getting picked off because of little errors that have nothing to do with the lesson in question. It just eats up free time and because one doesn't come back to the sentence until later and often Duolingo doesn't highlight the problem correctly, I don't recall what the problem was and how to correct it. Making mistakes is part of learning, punishing us for them shouldn't be.


Varför glömmer jag "så" varje gång ?


Why not, alla världens rosor

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