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"Min hatt är dyrare än din kostym."

Translation:My hat is more expensive than your suit.

April 25, 2015



That must be a REALLY nice hat


Or a REALLY cheap suit


Inte nötvändigtvis. Adam hade en mycket billig kostum. :-)


Eve was wearing Adams kostume and Adam was naked.


In English, you would generally use past tense (was instead of is) for this kind of sentence. It is kind of like this: "My hat was more expensive (when I bought it) than your suit".

If I was to say "Min X var dyrare än din Y" would that imply that it was more expensive but is no longer, in Swedish?


Yes, that makes it sound like it's no longer more expensive.


hypothetical: two people make a bet regarding which itwm at a clothing store will be more expensive. They go to the store et voila! "My hat is more expensive than your suit" (now cough up the 5 quid you bet me :p)


I like how it seems you can just put 'are' after any adjective, it always annoys me how in English you can say colder but not expensiver


I'm sorrry to say this then, but Swedish works like English does - it's always technically grammatical to put -are just like "-er", but it is often not idiomatic.

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