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Article Submitters: Please use Immersion's Wikipedia category

This is simply a request to those of you who submit Wikipedia articles to please put them under the Wikipedia category regardless of content. Sometimes someone might really not feel like translating Wikipedia articles, but even after unchecking the Wikipedia category and selecting all others the whole page is filled with them. So just please consider this when submitting articles.

September 16, 2013



Subcategories for Wikipedia articles would be nice to have.


Yes, that would be a great solution.


It's very anomalous that there is this one category that classifies by source.



Should be in the future FAQ (http://www.duolingo.com/comment/781395): "If adding a Wikipedia article into Immersion categorize it as Wikipedia not anything else. For example, a Wikipedia article about food HAS TO be categorized as Wikipedia, not as food.". In the FAQ because here, it will soon disappear in the deep end of the forum...

Or Duo could maybe identify wikipedia pages (easy - well, to code I don't know, but I imagine...-, since it has ".wikipedia.org/" in it) and in this case don't ask for category and put Wikipedia as category.
There is still the quesiton of Wikipedia-like website...


Is there anything we can do to change the category of an upload? I accidently uploaded a Wikipedia article to travel and now I can't change it!


I thought I was helping to translate a Spanish-language Wikipedia article on Thomas Cochrane (Dundonald) into English, for the English Wikipedia page. But I noticed that there is already an impressive English-language Wikipedia entry on him. Is there any point--beyond practice--in my/our doing this?


Is the "practice" part of it so little? :) Plenty of wiki articles I upload already have great counterparts in English. But I like to mix learning Italian and physics - and this is a great way to do so.


I couldn't agree more. Just yesterday I thought about it. Articles from Wikipedia are really different: they are encyclopedic. And one more point - often there a lot of "standard phrases" like "Resources" or "Categories" and so on; and in some articles there are tens of names of the resources used in the article, which is really annoying to translate.


> and in some articles there are tens of names of the resources used in the article, which is really annoying to translate

You don't have to translate everything. Just skip what you don't want to.

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