"Her sons are in college."

Translation:Hendes sønner læser på universitetet.

4/25/2015, 2:26:33 AM



This one confuses me. Would you always use læser when taking about someone being in a school?

4/25/2015, 2:26:33 AM

[deactivated user]

    First of all, we don't really have colleges here. We just have universities, and you can't live on campus.

    There are several ways of saying this:

    • Hendes sønner læser på universitetet. (are studying)

    • Hendes sønner går på universitetet. (are attending)

    • Hendes sønner studerer på universitetet. (are studying)

    If I were to ask someone about what they are studying (we don't really have majors and minors), I would ask: Hvad læser du?

    4/25/2015, 10:22:51 AM


    It's the same in English: you 'read' at university. i.e. I read biology at university'.

    8/3/2015, 8:01:46 PM
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