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What kind of keyboard do you use to learn turkish?

I tried to use the turkish keyboard but the turkish keyboard is a little bit creative on where to put certain characters like ,. and i so in the end it seems simpler to use english/spanish/croatian/... keyboard and press the keys on the screen but then I realized that I find words like "gorusuruz" annoying :P

Anyone got any tips on different keyboard layouts etc to try? :)

April 25, 2015


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I'm using an idea that was suggested by someone in one of the other Turkish keyboard threads, which is using the program AutoHotKey. I only needed access to Ğğ İ ı Şş so I set up key combinations that do not occur in English (or that I don't use, but can remember), and those combinations are then auto replaced by the program as it runs in the background.

So if I type 'Sss' it becomes 'Ş', sss becomes ş, Gz = Ğ, gz = ğ, .i = İ, iii = ı


AutoHotKey worked great! It's a little 'code-ish' but the tutorial is very good - very cookbook. You can buy is pre-made from TypeIt. But I think they just copied AutoHotKey and put a nice wrapper around it. I would give you some lingots if I knew how. Thanks so much for the tip.


I use break as a compose key, but I'm finding it a bit tedious so I'm considering other options. For example görüşürüz is typed as g compose " o r compose " u compose , s compose " u r compose " u z


I use the French keyboard because I'm Belgian and I think that's a bit easier than the English one. I have the 'ç', 'ü', 'ö' but not the 's' with cedilla and the undott 'i'.


I use what Apple calls "Irish extended". I could use a standard Turkish keyboard, but then I would be continually confused when switching back and forth. I find it better to type more keys, but not constantly think about what my keyboard is currently set to. If I moved to Turkey and used Turkish all the time then I would probably reconsider.


I haven't tried it myself, but if you like dead keys, then maybe try this extension to US-international https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7787016


I don't know if it exists in PC but in MacOS there is one more Turkish keyboard called "Türkçe QWERTY" and it is exactly the same with the English keyboard. The only difference is that you get the Turkish letters when you push on their english counterparts with option key. For example when you push down both s and option key you get ş. Simple as this.

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