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"A mulher não fala desses livros."

Translation:The woman does not talk about those books.

September 16, 2013



The translation accepts "these" and "those" as correct solutions. Is it correct to use desses for either "these" or "those" or should different words be used?


these and those have different uses. THESE means ESTES/ESTAS and THOSE means ESSES/ESSAS/AQUELES/AQUELAS. In conversation, both are used to the same meaning and evebody undertand. (sorry my english, i am brazilian and i am learning it)


I would think DESSES LIVROS should only be THOSE BOOKS as THESE BOOKS is DESTES LIVROS. ???


Question: Is the difference between "falar" and "conversar" a matter of "talking about" and "talking to" ? (If that makes any sense at all) Or is the setting of which the woman talks about the books the deciding factor between the two verbs.


falar = to say (give an advice, say some words, talking to yourself...) conversar = to talk (keep a conversation)


The woman doesnt talk on those books... Is wrong


It's wrong. "Talk" doesn't collocate with "on".


I'm open to correction but I think your sentence would use nesses instead of desses.


Is it normal to skip prepositions like "about"? "A mulher nao fala sobre desses livros" makes so much more sense.


No. The literal translations are:

  • A mulher não fala sobre desses livros = The woman does not talk about of those books
  • A mulher não fala sobre esses livros = The woman does not talk about those books
  • A mulher não fala desses livros = The woman does not talk of those books


why can you not translate fala with speak?

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