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"Tagene har en meget smuk farve her i Danmark."

Translation:The roofs have a very beautiful color here in Denmark.

April 25, 2015



Can't believe i lost a heart becaue of my English. I put rooves for plural of roof. I'm sure I was taught it this way in school! Or maybe I'm just copying hoof-hooves etc...?!?


As a native English speaker, I also spell it as rooves. I did hear that hooves is also switching slowly to hoofs :(


For some reason we stopped saying 'rooves' and decided it was archaic but I don't see any reason why it should be rejected as incorrect if it fits the pattern.

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As a native English speaker, I make this mistake all the time, the plural of "roof" is "roofs", despite it being pronounced like "rooves" (at least that's how it's pronounced in my dialect)


We're copying leaf-leaves too


"Rooves" is also correct. Needs to be amended, even though the language is evolving towards "roofs".


How can multiple roofs have a singular color?


Well... I live in Denmark, and the roofs here could use more color, to be honest :)


The roofs have a pretty beautiful colour here in Denmark. - Why doesn't pretty work here :S? Also, usually the u in colour is accepted while here it gets marked as wrong.

[deactivated user]

    very = meget = sehr

    • a very beautiful colour

    • en meget smuk farve

    • eine sehr schöne Farbe

    pretty = ret = ziemlich

    • a pretty beautiful colour

    • en ret smuk farve

    • eine ziemlich schöne Farbe

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    On the note of the u in colour not being accepted, sometimes if you get an answer wrong and "colour" isn't specifically written in the incubator, it regards it as a typo (and therefore crosses out the word as though it is wrong), but if you get it right, it will not give a typo message and just suggest the spelling used in the incubator as an alternate translation


    I think a good alternative is: The roofs here in Denmark have a very beautiful colour.


    I've lived in Denmark and the roofs there weren't particularly any different looking than the roofs here in Finland haha

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