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"Tagene har en meget smuk farve her i Danmark."

Translation:The roofs have a very beautiful color here in Denmark.

April 25, 2015



Can't believe i lost a heart becaue of my English. I put rooves for plural of roof. I'm sure I was taught it this way in school! Or maybe I'm just copying hoof-hooves etc...?!?


As a native English speaker, I also spell it as rooves. I did hear that hooves is also switching slowly to hoofs :(


For some reason we stopped saying 'rooves' and decided it was archaic but I don't see any reason why it should be rejected as incorrect if it fits the pattern.


As a native English speaker, I make this mistake all the time, the plural of "roof" is "roofs", despite it being pronounced like "rooves" (at least that's how it's pronounced in my dialect)


We're copying leaf-leaves too


'Rooves' should be accepted. Even though 'roofs' is considered standard, 'rooves' is still used:

'Apparently both roofs and rooves are still in use, therefore both are correct even if one form is used more than another." - https://english.stackexchange.com/questions/13183/plural-of-roof (you'll find several references in the positive for 'rooves' there).

I believe it depends on where you were raised and is a dialect thing. I grew up on Long Island and use 'rooves'.


Well... I live in Denmark, and the roofs here could use more color, to be honest :)


The roofs have a pretty beautiful colour here in Denmark. - Why doesn't pretty work here :S? Also, usually the u in colour is accepted while here it gets marked as wrong.

[deactivated user]

    very = meget = sehr

    • a very beautiful colour

    • en meget smuk farve

    • eine sehr schöne Farbe

    pretty = ret = ziemlich

    • a pretty beautiful colour

    • en ret smuk farve

    • eine ziemlich schöne Farbe


    On the note of the u in colour not being accepted, sometimes if you get an answer wrong and "colour" isn't specifically written in the incubator, it regards it as a typo (and therefore crosses out the word as though it is wrong), but if you get it right, it will not give a typo message and just suggest the spelling used in the incubator as an alternate translation


    I've lived in Denmark and the roofs there weren't particularly any different looking than the roofs here in Finland haha


    Obsessed by the color of roofs?!?


    I think a good alternative is: The roofs here in Denmark have a very beautiful colour.


    As a native English speaker I would translate it as the roofs in Denmark have a very beautiful color.

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