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We need a Notifications Page

This question has been posed before, and although it's not as important, I do hope Duolingo fixes this snag sometime in the near future.

Currently, the notifications tag on the website only allows you to see the recent 5 notifications you have received and most of us, thanks to Immersion, get more than 5 notifications but we can't see them.

I know that there is an option to have your notifications email-ed to you so don't miss them, and I did have this option on before. But, getting notification emails really clogs up your mail account, pushing away more important letters, and just acting as spam. So, my proposal to Duo is that I hope they can create a separate page for notifications on the Duolingo website, kind of how there is one on Facebook and other websites, so we have too many notifications, and don't have them emailed, we can see them right here.

Like I said, this is not very urgent, but it is quite annoying and doesn't require a lot of programming to resolve.

Thanks a lot! :)

April 25, 2015



I really want this. I usually have more than five notifications. Every time I see "5" over there, I think to myself, "There's more I'm missing." Many a times, they bring replies to our comments, which might be some language-related questions and if we don't get the notification, we don't get the answer!

I support you, dear. Have a few lingots.


I agree with this wholly, but instead of making a whole new page for it, I think they should just make it so that you can scroll down on the little notifications tab.


But, getting notification emails really clogs up your mail account, pushing away more important letters, and just acting as spam.

You can create a rule so that Duolingo mails are directed to another folder and don't clog up your regular inbox folder.


Oh, well I wasn't aware I could do that. Thanks for the tip! Although, I still wouldn't want notification emails, I have much too many newsletters as it is and I usually skip over them. Frankly, it is just more convenient to read my Duo notifs. right here.


It's a handy option to use when you get notifications from multiple sources. You can check the link below which describes the process for Gmail. But most email service providers will have similar options.


There's also no way of viewing notifications or going straight into the forum via the Android (and I'm guessing the iOS) app either, so this would be a very welcome addition.

On the subject of allowing email notifications, yes it's easy enough to set up a labelling/folder system to manage them in your email client, but that's another client! There's no reason why it shouldn't be part of Duo's in-built functions

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