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  5. "He has many samples now."

"He has many samples now."

Translation:Tá a lán samplaí aige anois.

April 25, 2015



Why is it "a lán samplaí" and not "samplaí a lán"? Is there actually a genitive phrase involved here?


There is actually a genitive phrase here. a lán samplaí is essentially "its full(ness) of samples".

You can see that it's a genitive construction in cases like chaill sé a lán fola - "he lost a lot of blood", but in the case of samplaí, the genitive plural is the same as the nominative plural.


Kind of though it was a sneaky genital issue, but wanted to be sure. Thanks again Satharn.

EDIT: Obvious Freudian slip there, but I think I prefer it that way.


Thanks for your help, Satharn, you are very knowlegeable! I would like to suggest that you get a copy of "Made to Stick" by Chip Heath & Dan Heath. A very helpful book for those who impart knowledge. Less is more!


Can "neart" be used here? I remember it being encouraged over "a lán" in school.


Neart is 'plenty of'.


Both mórán and go leor should be acceptable here.


One thing I remember hearing from my teacher in the Gaeltacht is that go leor is used in positive sentences, which mórán is generally used more in negative/question sentences. How true this actually is, or how widely held I can't claim.


The FGB seems to reflect that understanding of mórán, although it does offer positive statements also, e.g. Tá mórán siúlta aige, Bhí mórán Éireann acu ann.

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