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"The others are not coming to school."

Translation:Diğerleri okula gelmiyor.

April 25, 2015



What case is diğerleri?

Diğer - adjective other

Diğer-ler plural the others

Why is there an 'i' since 'Diğerleri' is Subject and therefore Nominative.


it's probably 3rd person possessive

(Onların) diğerleri - the rest of them.


Oh I see. There has been a similar case before somewhere. It makes sense. Only it crept up unexpectedly. You are all such wonderful team of helpers.


So diģerler is not a noun saying "the other ones", but rather "the rest" so to translate "the others" you'd add an "of them" which however can be (has to be?) implicit?


That's very tricky!


Is there something called 'başkaları' with the same meaning of diğerleri ?


Unfortunately I cannot link to the two textbooks I have in front of me, but yes there is! (Another online lesson talks about other words in this category.) The best example of this that we have already learned:
hangi = which [adjective]
hangisi = which one [pronoun]


Would başkaları instead of diğerleri work also?


"The others are not coming to school." Translation: Diğerleri okula gelmiyor.


Öbürleri okula gelmiyor.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.


Here "the others" "Diğerleri" is the subject of the sentence, why should there be an "i" at the end?


Diğeri / Diğerleri is not the accusative version of "other" - this is the pronoun version, and it is the subject of the sentence. Ektoraskan was correct - the "i" is the possessive ending being added.

diğer = other [adjective]
diğeri = other one [pronoun]
diğerler = others [adjective]
diğerleri = other ones [pronoun]

Is the other apple red? = Diğer elma kırmızı mı? [adjective is followed by noun]
No, the other (one) is green. = Hayır, diğeri yeşil. [noun was already mentioned, so now replaced by pronoun]
I want the other one. = Diğerini istiyorum. [pronoun as the specific direct object, takes the accusative case]

Are the other apples red? = Diğer elmalar kırmızı mı?
No, the other ones are green. = Hayır, diğerleri yeşil.


I think I am beginning to understand. Thank you so much! This is very hard!!!


Hello danikaadams

Thank you for your amazing explanation! I have deleted my incorrect comment.

I'm glad you are in our group.

A like & lingot too.

Thank you.


The forums are a team effort, MrHilmiNevzat!


I'm asking the same question!


okula gitmiyor. -dan gelmek, -a gitmek, böyle bir kural var "Okula gitmiyorum çünkü sizler sözünüzü tutmadınız" this is the title of article in the turkish newspaper.


Usually, that is true. However, "-a gelmek" and "-dan gitmek" are not completely incorrect. Examples from the news:

  • "Dünyaca ünlü güzel yıldız ilk kez Türkiye'ye geliyor" (source) = "World famous beautiful star is coming to Turkey for the first time"

  • "Ünlü sunucu Özge Uzun Türkiye'den gidiyor" (source) = "Famous host, Özge Uzun, is leaving Turkey"

I would say "The others are not coming to school" (Diğerleri okula gelmiyor) if I am already there :-)


Why not "gelmiyorlar"


I wondered that as well. 'The others' - 'They' 3rd person plural


Neden degil "gelmiyorlar"


It should be correct, but it is not necessary because you already have the plural in the subject.

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