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Error with Lingots for Streak

I just reached a thirty day streak and I didn't get the three lingots I'm supposed to receive. I have reported this bug but it has not been fixed yet. What should I do and how could I get the lingots I should have?

April 25, 2015



It is an A/B test, and you have been chosen to be on the list of people who don't receive, sorry


Very true! I have reported not getting Lingots for completing 270 and 280 day streaks. Seems I have gotten a bit dependent on these incentives. How do I get off the A/B list?


I didn't get my lingots at 190-days or 200-days. Glad it's not just me!


See here for the explanation.


I reached 540 and 550 days and didn't get lingots either time. I reported it and got no response. I am not a happy camper.


How do people hear about these A/B tests? Is there a place where they're announced?

-Just missed my 5 lingots for a 50-day streak and I'm not pleased.

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