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  5. "El funcionario"

"El funcionario"

Translation:The official

December 22, 2012



Never heard of that word used in english "the functionary?"


Agreed. I think we use the term "civil servant" (though they are not always civil, and rarely servile).


though their synomyms seem to be known better official, officeholder, officer, public servant.


I certainly have, maybe you haven't read enough political sci-fi


I've never used in day to day speak. I also read a lot of sci-fi and if I've seen the word I probably glossed over it and guessed it's meaning by context. Either way, the point is it has no place in Duolingo.


This should be 'the civil servant'


The only people I have heard use "functionary" in this sense in English, are those whose first language is French or Spanish.


Yea, functionary is awkward


There is a lot of anger and frustration in these posts, and it's all aimed towards a FREE language program. Did anyone watch the duolingo video? This is a free translation program. They are taking words and sentences from the internet, and having us translate them. The most common translations are the ones marked "correct". If you feel that another translation should be accepted as correct, the appropriate thing to do, would be to send a message to the duolingo team or click "report a problem". I am sure they would be happy to include another translation in the correct answers, and actually they have said as much. Again, this is a free program, and they are using algorithms to pull things from the internet and use them in our lessons - hence the reason it is free. So please, instead of ranting in the comments, just send duolingo a message so that we can all benefit from the changes.


Google functionary. It's a word, but it's one I've never used before this.


Is that a real English word?


they should accept ' civil servant. '


several of the jobs mentioned could be done by either a male or female. Would the gender form change when either is specifically known?


it depends on the word, for example 'periodista' (-journalist) will always end in an 'a' but the el/la changes depending on the gender of the person in mind.


Yo creo que la palabra correcta en ingles es employee.


ugh i hate that they keep giving me new vocab without letting me practice what theyve already given me. after a point this is like reading through a dictionary

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