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  5. "L'eau est bonne."


"L'eau est bonne."

December 22, 2012



Somewhere during the introduction to adjectives, the student needs to be given an understanding that the form of the adjective is dependent on the gender of the word it describes. I had to go research this on another website to get a better understanding -> http://www.jump-gate.com/languages/french/french4.html


You did well, that's just the way you can learn a foreign language, i.e. with various sources.


I went and bought a first year french text to have for reference. Makes it so much easier to have basics out on a page. At least for me.


Agreed with Sitesurf. That and take advantage of the community, ask questions. That's why we're on Duolingo and not Rosetta Stone.

Although at least some explanation or reminder - maybe in the vocabulary area might be helpful.


What a dirty trick to make us have to guess the gender of water when we never really see it with a full article.


Go to translate.reference.com which is a full text translator from Dictionary.com . Among other things it identifies the gender of words where applicable.

Go to Google translate to translate words and phrases less reliably but with the option of sounding out the words for you. Very helpful for use with Duolingo's robotic pronunciation issues.


Pronunciation would be: "lô Ê bon"


French might be the only language in which Water is femenine :(


slovak is also feminine :) which language is yours? i have a feeling your language is the only one with masculine water :D


In Portuguese, water is also feminine! :)


water is feminine in russian


It's feminine in Spanish as well. Even though it takes on the masculine article in the singular (el agua), plural is las aguas.

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