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  5. "Senin ülken hangisi?"

"Senin ülken hangisi?"

Translation:Which one is your country?

April 26, 2015



Why is it ülken and not ülkenin?


senin ülken: your country

senin ülkenin: of your country


Why do you think it should be ülkenin?


Like "Benim adim"


Ah I see where you're coming from.

You add "-im; -in -i" if the word ends in a consonant, like "ad" (name):

Benim adım; Senin adın; Onun adı.

You add "-m; -n; -si" if the word ends in a vowel, like "ülke" (country):

Benim ülkem; Senin ülken; Onun ülkesi.


Thanks this clears it up


Thanks a.sibahi for your question and ektoraskan for the answer. I only use duolingo app, so sometimes the structures are a little messy in my mind.


@Ektoraskan Excellent, I like the way you approached the confusion.


What is the difference between hangi and hangisi?




"Senin ülken hangisi?" Translation: Which one is your country?

Genitive/possessive suffixes to Turkish question.

Senin - yours - (pronoun)

Hangi - which - (adjective)

Hangisi - which one

Hangi + (s) buffer + "-i" front vowel (possessive) case suffix.

Thank you.


Can you give more examples as to when and how would it be correct to use "hangi" and "hangisi"? Teşekkürler




"Senin ülken hangisi?" Translation: Which one is your country?

Canım, o elbiseler çok güzel, hangisini istersin? - My love, those dresses are very beautiful, which one would you like?

Canım, bu elbiseler çok güzel, hangisini istersin? - My love, these dresses are very beautiful, which one would you like?

Hangisini öneriyorsun? - which do you suggest?

Hangi renk elbise beğendin mi? - Which colour dress did you like?

Elbiseyi çıkarırken sana bakmam. - I won't look at you while you undress & or take off the dress.

Evet, namuslı bir erkeğim.

Elbiseyi giyerken biraz kıvrıl lütfen - Please give us a little twirl with the dress on.

Spoken Turkish & may not be grammatically correct as written.

Thank you.


"Hangi Ulke geliyorsun" Does it mean "Which country are you coming from" ??

Or "Hangi ulkeden geliyorsun" ??


If you are using "from" then you should use "dan, den" so it should be "ülkeden".


Why should the accusative ending be used here? What (transitive) verb is hangisi supposed to be the object of?


"Which country are you from?" was considered a correct response, but my answer "From which country are you?" was not. In English, it means the same thing. Plus, many of us were taught to avoid ending a sentence, even an interrogative such as this one, with a preposition (although this standard seems to be eroding).

Speaking of which, in my efforts to see if what I had been taught is still the "gold standard" of English, I came upon the following article on the topic, but be forewarned. A joke repeated from reddit at the end of the article includes a five-letter word for a female dog. Though this word does not make at least one list of the 100 most vulgar slang words I came across, some still might find it vulgar, so I just thought I'd mention it, especially since school children use this program, too. If you still want to venture on to the article, you will find it here:


As for reporting problems, is it also necessary to add a post in the discussion for the prompt? In other words, will duolingo know how I answered? I would assume that it does, but I see a lot of duolingo users specifying their incorrect answers in these discussion forums, so it makes me wonder.


as a.sibahi wrote, no you don't have to post it in the discussion. Instead, it cases us to lose time as we can check reports much faster and we send more time reading the discussion here. Of course feel free to ask if you don't really know if your answer is correct.


You're taking this way too personally. All you had to do is mark "my answer should be accepted" in the feedback button.


The Oxford Dictionaries blog has it right. Fortunately, the prescriptive rule about not ending sentences with prepositions is fading away.


Am I totally wrong here if I do not really think about "where are you from" when reading this sentence? The first context that came into my mind here was playing a game of Risk or something.


People would never use this to say "where are you from." You are correct there :)


Why not "where are from


"Senin ülken hangisi?" Translation: Which one is your country?


Which is your country? Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


I wrote: which country are you from and it was accepted



Hello Hasan

Which country are you from? Hangi ülkeden misin?

Thank you.

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