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  5. "I read you a book."

"I read you a book."

Translation:Ben sana bir kitap okurum.

April 26, 2015



For anyone confused here, "size" is plural, "sana" is singular. So they are both correct in this translation as English does not differentiate between "you" and "ya'll" unless using some form of slang or contextual clues


Is it a rule in Turkish to use dative pronoun before object? I wrote in one sentence before "Ben bir kitap sana okurum" and it was incorrect. And correct solution was "Ben sana bir kitap okurum".


There is a rule that general direct objects must some directly before the verb :) That is the issue


what's the difference between okurum and okudum ?


Okurum means "I read" as in present tense - I read a book every afternoon. Okudum mean "I read" as in the past tense - I read that book last week.

I hope somebody will correct me if I'm wrong!


Why seni is wrong?


seni is accusative, direct object. "Ben seni okurum" means I read you, as if you were a book.

Here "a book" is the direct object, and "you" is the indirect object (dative).

This skill is full of similar sentences so I am sure you'll get a grasp of it.


Very very thanks...best example


Why not "sen bir kitap okurum"?


that sentence makes no sense in Turkish. As I explained above, here "you" is an indirect object and has to be in the dative case.


So if "size" is correct, then can it be "Kitap size okurum"? In which case, why is that marked as incorrect?


General direct objects must come directly before the verb :)


Is it ok to omit "ben" here?


You can almost always omit subject pronouns. They exception is when you have multiple subject in one sentence (i.e. I am studying and she is working) :)


Why cannot bir kitap be in the accusative case?


The accusative is for specific direct objects. "a book" is general, not specific. :)


So if the book could be this one or that one, and I'm just not specifying which, it is considered general? Or does the inclusion of bir always make it general? That doesn't seem right either. Can you give me an example when a noun using bir would be specific and accusative?


In most contexts, including "bir" makes it general (you are talking about some book, not a specific one). If you are talking about one book from a specific set of books, you would use both "bir" and the accusative, but this is a much lesson common situation :) Good observation though!


Every correct phrases i write ,it says wrong .even it s suggestions. What happend?!


Again same problem . Ben sana bır kitap okurum/Size kitabı okurum.

Whats wrong? I cant pass the level


"I read you a book." Translation: Ben sana bir kitap okurum.


Ben size bir kitap okurum.

Both Turkish answers accepted by Duo.


What is sana and what is bana?


what is the difference between kitap and kitab




"I read you a book." Translation: Ben sana bir kitap okurum.

what is the difference between kitap and kitab

Kitap - (noun) - "book."

Kitab is incorrect spelling for this Turkish noun.

The last consonant "p" only becomes "b" during correct consonant mutation & not while it is nominative.

Consonant Mutation In Turkish, there are certain consonants that are replaced by other letters when suffixes are added to them.

When we add a suffix to words that ends in "p/ç/t/k" and the consonant has a vowel both before and after it, the consonant will change:

p ➨ b

ç ➨ c

t ➨ d

k ➨ ğ/g

Kitab + "-ım" possessive suffix 1st person singular.

(kitap) Benim kitabım - My book.

Thank you.

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