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"Duo is a small owl, you are a big owl."

Translation:Duo küçük bir baykuş, sen büyük bir baykuşsun.

April 26, 2015



I translated the sentence as: Duo bir küçük baykuştur, sen bir büyük baykuşsun.

I got corrected because apparently the 'bir' has to go before the noun and it also told me that my translation lacked an 'ise' after sen. Could somebody explain to me where the 'ise' comes from, what it is doing here and what it means?


In this context, it is used to express contrast (between two people/things/situations).

EX: Sen bir işadamısın, o ise bir hizmetçi. (You are a businessperson and he is servant.)

<pre> Adam işe yürüyerek gidiyor, kadın ise arabayla (gidiyor). (The man goes(is walking-literally) to work on foot and woman (goes)(is going) by car.) Kız kardeşin işinde usta sen ise acemisin. (Your sister is (highly)skilled at her job and you are a newbie.) </pre>


I also want to know about the 'ise' grammar. That really threw me off...


'Ise' mean like 'if'. EX: If you come late,you cant join us. 'Geç kalır isen bize katılamazsın' or 'Geç kalırsan bize katılamazsın' I hope it usefull for u :)

[deactivated user]

    This translation is so frustrating.


    Why it is good for learn


    Why is the presence of "bir" essential here, I wrote "Duo küçük baykuş, sen büyük baykuşsun." and was graded incorrect, it said that I am missing "bir"?


    "bir" is required when using an adjective.

    Duo is an owl. Duo baykuş OR Duo bir baykuş

    Duo is a small owl. Duo küçük bir baykuş.


    Still don't understand why it isn't "Duo küçük bir baykuştur..."


    why do we not need the suffix for Duo?


    Hmmm, is it because it is optional :) whoops.


    In case you mean the -sun at the end of baykuşsun, there is nothing optional about it. Since the "big owl" is the listener of the sentence, it is the 2nd person singular (sen). And thus, to express "you are", you have to add the suffix "-s(I)n" in the second phrase.


    No, I meant why is there no suffix after baykuş for Duo. But I realise now it's because it's 3rd person.


    Thank you very much it's really helpful


    Why the first is without um and the second with sun


    Stupid translation


    You don't have to repeat the "baykuş". It's like that "i can do it but you can't". In this sentence which I give an example, you don't use the word of "do" again. And in Turkish its like that. You can translate it as "sen küçük bir baykuşsun, ben ise büyük.


    Ben de İngilizce öğrenmeye çalışıyorum i am trying to learn English


    Duo küçük, sen(se) büyük bir baykuşsun.


    When duo starts roasting you.. jajaja

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