"Tanten skriver sit navn på ansøgningen."

Translation:The aunt writes her name on the application.

April 26, 2015

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Is "tanten" here used for actual family relantionship, or do you use aunt/unkle freely in danish? Coz in Spanish you can call that strangers and it's concidered normal


It is mostly used, when the actual family relationship is known. One exception is 'gamle tanter' = old aunts which is used more colloquially to refer to old women


Tante is a woman whom is married to, either, your mother's or your father's brother (or sister I suppose). It may also be used to mean woman in a slightly demeaning or, more usually, colloquially way.


In Germany it's offending if you call a woman "aunt = Tante" if you don't know her.


I thougth sit was neuter. I put "his name" and it gave me an error


"his name" would be "hans navn". "her name" would either be "sit navn" if the aunt wrote her own name or "hendes navn" if she wrote another woman's name.


What does this translation mean? How can anyone write something on an application? Crazy things in the english language. :-)


ansøgning = Bewerbung/Eintrag/Eingabe

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