I finished my french tree - and have moved from a duo lingo skeptic to a fan -so what next?

Hi all

Well i have just finished my tree and after initial uncertainty about duo lingo - i am now convinced it is a fantastic resource. Thank you Duolingo !

My initial uncertainty was due perhaps to me being an older person and not initially getting the format of duo lingo. When I first found duo lingo about 9 months ago i set up a profile and tested out of a few skills - but i did not really get it - it seemed like a game and i was not sure how useful it would be. My kids set up account and enjoyed keeping a streak and earning lingots but it seemed a bit silly to me. My main interest was in being able to SPEAK French, and improving my grammar and as I already knew some french i thought duo lingo was not for me. I could see how duo lingo would be useful for a newcomer to the language to learn new vocab but I was not convinced it could help anyone to advance....... so i left duo lingo and moved onto other resources. I joined and did the italki new year challenge which was really good for increasing my confidence in speaking. I also used for grammar lessons and took their tests regularly.

When the italki challenge ended i came back to duo lingo just to keep in the routine of daily study. I decided to have a go at completing the tree as a form of revision and wow - i am impressed at the level of content as you get through the tree. It has been fantastic revision for word order, and the feel of the language. As i say i am not new to french so the only bit of the tree where i kept getting it wrong and had to redo the lesson a few times was the subjunctive - so i know that is something i have to do more work on. But i am impressed at what a game is able to teach you!

I finished the tree in about 5 weeks but two weeks of that i was away in France and Belgium so did not do any lessons - but as i say it was mainly revision for me and i was able to progress through a lesson without getting many wrong except in the subjunctive!

My kids are doing the tree too and are enjoying the game so i can see that it does appeal to others who are more familiar with that genre.

BUT the one think lacking is speaking practice so for me combining duo with italki would be the perfect combination.

What next? I will definitely do more duo lingo - i have done a few levels of Dutch before i went to Belgium - and so i found how useful duo lingo is for starting a completely new language from scratch.

I have also started the spanish tree from french - so i will see how that goes. I will also carry on with conversation exchanges on italki and also lessons with teachers in france on italki.

Anyway thank you duo lingo - i underestimated you - but luckily i was not too stubborn to come back and give you a second chance or i would have missed out!


April 26, 2015


I started Spanish using the Rosetta Stone. That program worked for my style of learning. I found DuoLingo by accident. I decided to drop Rosetta Stone for a while and do DuoLingo instead. Here is the great thing about DuoLingo that Rosetta Stone lacks. On every Statement or Question, there is a discussion thread at the bottom of the page. Generally, when I get it wrong, there is someone who did exactly what I did. There are great people in the community that will explain why it should not be as I have understood the Question or Statement to be. To get this kind of service in Rosetta Stone, you have to pay more dinero. This thing is free. Imagine that. The best part of the difference between the 2 programs is; you can access DuoLingo on anything that catches an internet signal and you can be anywhere in the world. Rosetta Stone is isolated to the computer in which you installed the program to. Then, you can only apply it to 2 computers. I paid for that. Imagine that. (A Big Thanks to DuoLingo. I am a fan)

April 26, 2015

Thank you for the italki reference. I've finished my tree and now onto speaking. I will check it out!

April 26, 2015

For speaking practice I use Pimsleur lessons, which used to come on CD but are now available as MP3. Pimsleur is all about listening and speaking and great for using while driving.

For listening, the Coffee Break French podcast is also highly recommended.

April 27, 2015

Coffee Break French is amazing to be honest, however, the content is so small in time! I wish it could be about 1 hour and not anything lower than 30 minutes!

May 1, 2015

Duolingo and Italki are undoubtedly my two top resources when it comes to language-learning. (Well, also Disney songs haha) :D

April 27, 2015

Disney songs are the best way ;)

April 27, 2015

Félicitations! Bonne chance avec vos études :D

April 26, 2015

Hearty Congratulations. Inspiring to read your post. Wish you all the best for future language studies.

April 27, 2015

Félicitations pour cet accomplissement! Bon courage avec la suite de vos études et le français en particulier :)

April 27, 2015

Pimsleur French levels 1-5.... Italki French Lessons... Go to Quebec / Europe... Voilá, tu parles frances

April 28, 2015

I agree coffee break french is fantastic. I have been listening to season 4 which is very engaging. The members materials are fantastic too, and really have helped to improve my listening and speaking skills.

May 1, 2015

Hey i just noticed that italki are starting a new 12 hour challenge for June - is anyone going to join me in doing this? Duolingo and italki for speaking lessons is a perfect combination..

May 13, 2015

That's awesome, artichoke! Congratulations!

May 18, 2015
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