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Question for Danish speakers

Apologies in advance for the bad language.

I have a question for fluent Danish speakers. I'm watching the show Rita on Netflix at the moment, and I came across something odd. There's an episode called "Hun-ulven", which the subtitles translate as "She-Wolf". This is how Danish/English dictionaries translate it too. But in the list of episodes, this episode is called "The Whore". Is "Hun-ulven" a euphemism for "whore", or is the translator being really free with their translation?

April 26, 2015



No it is not :-)

I have no idea why the episode would be listed as such.


That's what I thought! It seems crazy to me. Thanks for the response.


i have never come across any danes using hun-ulv as a synonym for whore :)


Thanks. It seems like an odd choice by the translator!


To say someone is a hun-ulv basically means that she hungry for men I guess. Probably because she-wolves are predators hunting for fresh meat or something.

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