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"Los perros comen desde carne hasta pasta."

December 22, 2012



This is a case of words having direct translations to english, but when used together in a phrase mean something a little different.

"Bailo desde rock'n'roll hasta hip hop."

"I dance anything from rock'n'roll to hip hop."

My complaint is that there was no primer for this. Under the prepositions tab there should have been a brief description of how "desde ... hasta" are used together to mean "anything from... to ..." Otherwise we are just left confused when we do the direct translation of each word independently.


I think there's a purpose to not giving a primer on some things. It gives it more of an "immersion" effect, which might help to remember it better in the future.

After all, this isn't a test to see who can get the highest score, but an aid to help you speak Spanish better.

The fact that this caught you (us) off guard - and now here we are talking about it - probably will help us to remember it in the future.

Sure, we missed a heart, but that not the point. Learning is.


Agreed. I got it right by hearing the words correctly and read the comments to help me understand the meaning because it didn't sound right.


Yes, that was very confusing. Thanks for the explanation!


agreed, I was completely confused by this.


The English translation shown on the "oops" page doesn't make sense - "The dogs eat from meat to pasta." Now that I'm leaving this comment, I see the translation here in the comment section adds the word ANYTHING and that makes a big difference. I did use the "report a problem" button, but it doesn't give an option that fits this issue.


Thanks heaven for all of the folk who contribute to these discussions: They help us to learn. The 'glitches' in the translation encourage me to check the comments, hence gaining valuable insights into appropriate translations. I particularly appreciate the comment from 'tompollard61' and 'uphillemu' that the construction using 'desde...hasta' indicates a range of items. I would like to see 'from meat to pasta' removed on the grounds that it does not make sense in English.


We are translating ideas, not words. It's a phrase that is said one way in Spanish and another in English and doesn't translate word for word.


Well, I agree that word for word translation is not really useful, but what I do find important is to have sentences which make sense in both languages.

I agree with those who think that the sentence "The dogs eat from meat to pasta" should be removed.


the problem is that the english translation is a really sparse, uncommon form of the idiom. the item a to item x idiom really should really take the form [anything/everything] from item a to item x.


i found the word "desde" meaning something like "anything". i thinks it's really hard to understand it. it's shown that desde means "since" or from an earlier time. anything means anything. i don't get the connection easily


desde means "since"; anything is "cualquier cosa" in spanish


Where does "anything" come into play?


The dogs eat meat as well as pasta.
Seemed to me a good translation. But I lost a little heart :-((


That doesn't express the same thought. The construction desde ... hasta indicates a range of items, not just the two items mentioned.


I just couldn't hear the word "desde" clear enough. Of course I forgot we just learned it, though!


hasta pasta. Cracked me up.

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