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"The woman drinks with the teacher."

Translation:Die Frau trinkt mit dem Lehrer.

December 22, 2012



Ah, that makes sense now. The teacher isn't the thing being drunk or the thing drinking, and thus needs a different tense; one not listed in the tip section for basic 3.


Kind of annoyed that I'm expected to know the proper dative form when we haven't gotten to that lesson yet. :(


mit uses a different case :)


dac is right, mit takes a dative.


If Lehrer is masculine and is being accused upon, why is it dem Lehrer and not den Lehrer? It is odd, because on the sentences where Ich trinkt, it is with den Lehrer.


'Den' is masculine accusative, you must use dative which is 'dem' (or case feminine 'der'). Yes you can easily mismatch them in the first weeks, you'll get used to them later.


so.. ich trinke mit den Lehrer, sie trinkt mit dem Lehrer, how about Du trinkst mit "the" Lehrer?


nein :) Ich trinke mit dem Lehrer, sie trinkt mit dem Lehrer, du trinkst mit dem Lehrer, Sie trinken mit dem Lehrer, wir trinken mit dem Lehrer. (mit takes the dative, which is "dem" no matter who is drinking with one masculine teacher)


got it. thank you:)


Can't you also use the preposition "bei" instead of "mit"? i.e. Die Frau trinkt bei dem Lehrer.


It just doesn't have the same meaning. Your sentence would be more like "the woman drinks at the teacher's (house, restaurant....a place)" and not "with".


Is there a way: Mit dem Lehrer die Frau trinkt. is correct ? If not how to know if a sentence should start with mit ?


As always in German, the verb takes the second place in the sentence. "mit dem Lehrer" is a group and "die Frau" is one, so you could either say "Mit dem Lehrer trinkt die Frau" (which isn't commonly used) or "Die Frau trinkt mit dem Lehrer".

Besides, as the woman drinks with the teacher, the teacher also drinks with her. But grammatically, the two sentences I wrote above are the correct ones.


I tried "Mit dem Lehrer trinkt die Frau" and got marked wrong. I've seen other sample translations (from Duolingo) with this structure marked as right, so I was wondering. I'm glad to see you also think "Mit dem Lehrer trinkt die Frau" is correct.


when will the woman sleep with the teacher?


after drinking :-)


Can it also be - Die Frau trinkt mit der Lehrerin?


Yes, I believe so.


Is Lehrerin not the femine of Lehrer?

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