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  5. "Dolmuş ne kadar?"

"Dolmuş ne kadar?"

Translation:How much is the shared taxi?

April 26, 2015



When we use dolmuş and where can find dolmuş?


In my city they are much more frequent than buses, so as our trams only run along the coast I use one when I am too lazy to walk up the hill. Just ask "Dolmuş nerede?" If you get a crazy driver the front seat without a seatbelt can be a little scary though. And I wish they would accept the standard city transport smartcards, as the drivers usually take your money and give change whilst driving. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dolmu%C5%9F


Thanks, i will definitely use it :-)


İ think they are like those minibuses that run in Iran! Although it appears that they are a bit more regulated than in Iran.


I definitely wouldn't say that they are regulated in Turkey :D There are some basic laws but they are treated more like suggestions. I stood up on the dolmuş all of the time and that is technically illegal.


One day I hope to go to Iran. But the traffic would scare me I think. Re Turkish regulations I notice the dolmuş drivers put their seat belts across their chests only when they go past the inspectors. There ought to be some way of making the dolmuş safer for passengers and pedestrians but at the same time keeping them frequent and convenient.


From my brief time in Turkey, it seems the seat-belt laws are very much like the the seat-belt laws in the U.S. in the 1960s-1970s. Maybe the laws will evolve as the have in the U.S. I saw many kids not buckled in, in Turkey.


Its a mini bus that does local routes not actually a shared taxi. Duo has wrong translation its a small service bus and people pay driver as they get on.


Would "taxi" alone be ok? Or does it need to be "shared taxi"?


Neither is a good translation, as a dolmuş has a fixed route unlike a taxi. Foreigners living here in Turkey always use the word dolmuş when speaking English.


ok thanks for your help, I had no idea :D


Taxi is a yellow cab. Shared taxi is wrong translation for dolmuş but Duo hasnt deleted it.


Ok Dolmuş is not a shared taxi... At all! A Dolmuş is a Dolmuş!


Try telling Duo as the little green monster is confusing everyone. Scrap taxi its dolmuş or minibus


Let me clarify the concept of dolmush. These are mini-shuttle buses owned by small entrepreneurs. They have their own fixed routes and timetables. As a rule, dolmushes operate on those routes where it is not profitable for large passenger carriers or it is technically impossible to maintain regular traffic. Dolmys's routes are relatively short and frequent. Typical applications are intra-city traffic, connecting large cities and small towns in rugged and rural areas. Dolmushi as a business is also very common in Eastern Europe. A more accurate name would be "route taxi". Although the word "taxi" should not be misleading, you do not call dolmush to your location and do not give directions where to go. It's just a faster, more frequent and smaller scheduled bus.


The course creators are the speakers of the special English where the everything is the specific. They want "the" in front of every god damn word ever!

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I suppose the very misleading name 'shared taxi' comes from the Russian 'маршрутное такси' /marshrutnoye taksi/. It was a fixed route service operated by rather small RAF mini-vans
RAF mini-vans
the word 'taksi' just meant that the passenger could get off anywhere on the route, not only at predefined stops. Now such service exists in many post-soviet countries under the short name of marshrutka, without any reference to "taxi", because it has nothing in common with normal cabs. And, of course, they use bigger mini-buses

So, the present-day marshrutka in post-soviet countries is the exact equivalent to the Turkish dolmuş, however, it has no adequate translation to English. Also the word 'taxi' is absolutely irrelevant here, I'd rather use 'minibus'.


Another accepted translation ought to be "jitney," "jitney bus," or "jitney taxi," a term that is much more descriptive than "shared" in describing this small entrepreneur-version of mass transit. They exist in Egypt as well as Turkey and Iran; they are great for going to the villages from the larger cities, and getting back as well!


In Russia they are called "Marshrutka" which is like Router


In the Philippines, they are called "jeepney".


Does this refer solely to the dolmuş fare, the price for buying the vehicle ("I don't want to cause no fuş, but can I buy your magic dolmuş?") or possibly both?


What does it look like... Maybe a mini bus?


In Egypt at least, they can look like mini buses or big vans.


Dolmuş is a mini or mocro bus. Not a shared taxi


this is strange for me...


Another interpretation? How much (to buy) the shared taxi? ;-)

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