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  5. "Sen bir Alman vatandaşısın."

"Sen bir Alman vatandaşısın."

Translation:You are a German citizen.

April 26, 2015



I think I'm struggling in something. Now when we say a sentence like "You are a happy human" we translate it as "Sen mutlu BIR insan" where bir came after the adjective. What about this sentence; why did we put bir before the adjective and said "Sen bir Alman vatandaşısın" instead of "Sen Alman bir vatandaşısın"???


That is because adjectives of nationality are normally treated as nouns in Turkish (notice how is says vatandaş+ı....a noun compound!)


Forgot to add: if the second word ends in a vowel (as in our example para) you'll have to add not ı, but sı.


The meaning of " national" is a "millet or milli " Example : The rose is the national flower of this country. Gül, bu ülkenin milli çiçeğidir

national assembly: millet meclisi


what is the (ı) for in vatandaşısın ? assuming vatandaş=citizen


Oh, I remember! There was something about compound words in the tips and notes. How do you form Turkish compound words? Very easily. You take two nouns (say, süt and para), put the first one (which is going to be an attribute to the second) before the second without changing it and when it comes to the second, you only have to add ı (or i, u, ü depending on the last vowel) to the word. So, there you have it: süt parası - the milk money (some kind of social security payment for little children).


I think it's the ending we've learnt about in the possessive skill. This ı (or sı after a vowel) which follows 4-way vowel harmony is supposed to show that the noun it is applied to belongs to something. But I'm not sure, of course. It would be great if some of the moderarors gave us the correct answer.


What is the meaning of "you are a german national" -duo's translation-, is not it more proper to be "you are a german citizin" or "you have a german nationality" ?


"You are a German national" is pretty much the same thing as a citizen (wiktionary defines it as "a subject of a nation")


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"Sen bir Alman vatandaşısın." Translation: You are a German citizen.

5 million Turks are. (Fact)

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