"Seni seviyorum, sevgilim."

Translation:I love you, darling.

April 26, 2015

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In this tone of voice, it almost sounds like a threat or a reproach...


Why not "I love you, my beloved"? Does this sound too old-fashioned? :p


Other than the Toni Morrison novel, I have very rarely heard that word used in English, especially nowadays. It is quite old-fashioned indeed :)


Not a reason to mark it as an incorrect translation; arguably "beloved" is closer in meaning.


'I love you, my lover' was marked wrong, Sevgil means lover.


It's probably because in English 'lover' means sexual partner. They probably don't want to confuse the Turkish students of English (I guess the same items are used for both courses). It could be awkward for them if they refer to their boyfriend/girlfriend as their 'lover'.


Shouldn't it be " I love you my darling" Because most times its is marked wrong when the possessive suffix are ignored.


I knew this because "benim küçük sevgilim" from mor ve ötesi


"I love you my lover" why not acceptable?


Doesn't hayattim also mean darling?


Hayat means life so hayatım should directly mean "my life." When I asked my Turkish girlfriend if that was what this means, she confirmed and said it's a really endearing term.


Can you omit -im in Sevgilim, or is that required?

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    You have to use it.That ''-im'' ,indicates that the person you talk about is YOUR lover and no one else's.

    SevgiliM= my lover, SevgiliN= your lover SevgiliLERİ= their lover and so on.....


    Okay, I understand. The translation above is darling. I wrote my love and it has been accepted as well. Pls. can you tell me when to use aşkim and when sevgilim? I think that is not the same thing.

    [deactivated user]

      Basically,''my love'' means ''aşkım'' and ''darling or my darling'' means ''sevgilim''.But their meaning is almost the same,that is why your answer has been accepted, Turkish doesn't really make a difference between them.


      Aşk is an Arabic word. Aşk (عشق) means a higher level of love, to the point of being "painful", for example if the other person is hard to reach, or you dream of someone that you can't get out of your mind. The word has a deep meaning in Arabic.


      My question is, I thought sevgilim means- my darling, or my beloved but from what i see on the comments it would me marked wrong. Why? is it something to report?


      Why can't i write i love you baby


      it means "seni seviyorum BEBEĞİM"


      Ben de seni seviyorum, akşam


      My darling, I love you - is just the same.


      So it should actually be I love you my darling?


      (Darling=baby=love=lover) they are all the same ... please add

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