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"Bugün beş fincan kahve içtim."

Translation:I drank five cups of coffee today.

April 26, 2015



Native speakers, tell me: does this sentence sound as horrible to you as it does to me? I would very much prefer 'have drunk' here. Or 'drank earlier today'. 'Drank today' grates on my grammatical sensitivities.


Are you British or a learner of British English perhaps? I believe this is a difference for American and British English speakers. Both are accepted anyways :)


Yes, a British-oriented second language speaker. I was marked wrong once or twice for translating a Turkish past tense with an English perfect, so I'm careful to toe DL's party line... ;-) Thanks!


Native speaker here, not American ... and it's fine. It's much more likely to be used in the evening when the daytime (or at least the coffee-drinking part of the day) is over. At 9pm, I would definitely not say "I have drunk ..." unless I'm the kind of person who might drink a coffee after that time.


And then I died


Why isn't the accusative or genitive used with kahve here?


It's an indefinite direct object. Accusative is only used with definite direct objects.

Genitive would only make sense if you're thinking of the "of" in a very strange way. "Cups of coffee" could, in theory, be translated as kahvenin fincanları but that would mean that you drank five of coffee's cups (in other words, five cups which belonged to coffee) ... and this doesn't make sense because (A) coffee cannot own cups and (B) you cannot really drink cups ...

When you want to indicate a quantity of something by mentioning a container, you simply place the word for that container (in the nominative) before the substance, which takes whatever case it needs to make sense in the sentence.


Drank. It says drank, not had!


"Bugün beş fincan kahve içtim." Translation: I drank five cups of coffee today.


Today I drank five cups of coffee. - Correct.

Correct answer accepted by Duo on the - (03/05/2019)


Yes, I was marked down for the latter. I'm spitting nails! And today I DID drink five cups of coffee...(so far anyway).



Hello Trudie.

Please drink another cup of coffee in the comforting knowledge that your answer is correct.

I cannot explain why your answer was rejected by Duo but it is correct.

Thank you.

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