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"Six ladies drive the new cars."

Translation:Tiomáineann seisear bantiarnaí na carranna nua.

April 26, 2015



bantiarna is a title, not colloquial right?


Would "mná uasal" work for "ladies" too?


Given the lack of context, “ladies” should be interpretable as “genteel women” as well as “women with titles of nobility”.

However, one would need the plural form of uasal to go with the plural noun — mná uaisle. But bean is irregular when used with personal numbers, since its genitive plural form is used rather than its nominative singular form; and since bean has a weak plural, it would become seisear ban uasal.

I think that the provided translation above is (as of 2015-04-26) incorrect; shouldn’t it use seisear bantiarna rather than seisear bantiarnaí ?

EDIT #1: Use of the genitive plural with personal numbers for nouns other than bean is an “older standard variant”, so seisear bantiarnaí could be justifiable because bantiarna has a strong plural. (Grammatically, it makes more sense as a genitive plural, e.g. “a sextet of ladies”, but I think that the Caighdeán prefers the nominative singular for nouns other than bean.)

EDIT #2: The 2012 Caighdéan (§9.4.3, page 168) specifies use of the genitive plural for all nouns governed by personal numbers, so seisear bantiarnaí is correct.


GRMA! I'll check next time if it accepts ban uasal.

Edit: It doesn't.


I'm very confused now .... why can you say "seisear bantiarnaí" but not "cúigear daoine"? Is it that bantiarna is more specific whereas daoine is just redundant? (I've probably screwed up the genitives here, too, but I'm only asking about the use of the human conjunctive numbers with nouns denoting kinds of people)


Never mind, I misunderstood the other example. AAaarrggghh.


No wait, I do need an answer. THey want "cúig dhuine dhéag." Why the human conjunctive with bantiarna but not with duine?


The uimhreachs pearsanta - "human conjunctive numbers" only exist from 2 to 10, and for 12. Outside those numbers, you have to fall back to the rules for "General conjunctive numbers".


Aarrgghhh! Of course. Sorry!! Need a memory upgrade for my brain.


From Progress in Irish - personal numbers take the singular of the noun.

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