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  5. "The girls read newspapers."

"The girls read newspapers."

Translation:Kızlar gazete okur.

April 26, 2015



shouldn't it be "kizlar gazeteLER okurlar" ?


no, an unspecific, indefinite object cannot be in plural in Turkish, please read thi https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7736911


May you please paste the explanation here, it is not readable on phones.


Here you go :) In Turkish, if you have a general direct object, there is no need to put any case or suffix on the object itself. A general direct object is one that uses “a/an” or the plural without “the.” If you want to be extra specific, you can add the numeral bir to makes sure that the meaning “a/an” is given.

In general, we love using singular objects :D And just to add, everything is countable in Turkish, water, oil, sugar, bread, air, anything you can imagine have a plural form too.

For example: •The men eat an apple: Adamlar (bir) elma yer. •The men eat the apples: Adamlar elmaları yer. •The men eat the apple: Adamlar elmayı yer. •The men eat apples: Adamlar elma yer. Adamlar elmalar yer is simply wrong in Turkish. •The men eat apple: This sentence is wrong in English, you cannot use a singular countable object without an article (or other determiners) •The men eat five apples: Adamlar beş elma yer. Adamlar beş elmalar yer is simply wrong in Turkish. •The men eat a lot of apples: Adamlar çok elma yer. Adamlar çok elmalar yer is simply wrong in Turkish.


Teşekkür ederim


Uh, the most interesting part is: "The men eat apples: Adamlar elma yer. Adamlar elmalar yer is simply wrong in Turkish." :) Simply wrong - simple, isn't it?


But in English, "newspapers" can be definite or indefinte, so "gazeteler" should also be correct, technically.


Yes should be like that


why ''kızlar gazeteleri okur'' is wrong? it said that I should use gazete instead if gazeteleri while it's plural


I don't know, there was another sentence 'köpekler gazeteleri okur' and it was ok. Someone knows why?


"newspapers" is a general direct object. General direct objects do not take the plural suffix or accusative case.

"'kızlar gazeteleri okur" means "The girls read the newspapers." This is a different sentence.


Why it's not kizlar gezete okur


From what I know this would also be correct. Read somewhere that the repetition of plural suffixes can even be annoying and is thus often left out. Nonetheless, would be nice if a native speaker could verify


"The girls read newspapers." Translation: Kızlar gazete okurlar.


"The girls read newspapers." Kızlar gazete okur.

I try not to use multiple -lar/-ler suffixes. In this example it is "optional."

Accepted as another correct Turkish answer by Duo.


Gazeteler is the correct plural form for gazete, isn't it?


"Kızlar gazeteler okurlar"is a right answer to


Why it is okular not okur as yer not yerlar?




"The girls read newspapers." Translation: Kızlar gazete okurlar.

Why it is okular not okur as yer not yerlar? - yerler? Typo error corrected.

"Kızlar gazete okur." - The girls read newspapers. - Correct other answer.

The subject of the English question is (plural) "the" girls.

Kızlar is correct. Newspapers is an indefinite, direct object in the Turkish
answer. "Gazete" in the Turkish answer is correct. Indefinite, direct objects (gazete) go immediately before the verb. It is also singular in the Turkish answer.

If we inserted an "a" into the English question after "read." The Turkish answer will be: Kızlar bir gazete okur. - The girls read a newspaper.

Kızlar gazete okur. This is also correct as plural nouns act as 3rd person verb conjugation.

Thank you.


Newspapers is plural. Gazete is singular


İ feel angry Why gazeteler is wrong


Apparently, in Turkish an indefinite object does not take the plural ending. Gazete can mean "a newspaper" or "newspapers". Gazeteler would mean "the newspapers", which is not what was asked for.


TessEwing1 PLUS


All the lemmings have jumped off the cliff.

Thank you for your sobering answer.

^ & lingot.


I am confused. I thought it should be gazeteler, since it is plural.


'Newspapers' should be gazetelar! Not gazete


why OKURLAR and not simply OKUR as kizlar is already plural ?

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