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"Almanya'ya gittiğimde ailem beni her gün aradı."

Translation:My family called me every day when I went to Germany.

April 27, 2015



Why does "giitiğimde" have the locative case ending on it?


That is not the locative case ending in this instance. It indicates time.

Other examples with the same use:

Uyandığımda - When I woke up

Gittiğimde - When I went

Konuştuğumda - When I spoke


In response to Nur's response, it is indeed the locative, but it is slightly different when attached to verbs with -DIk, it takes on the the same meaning as "when." This construction has a similar meaning semantically to that of -(y)ken, although there are definitely instances where they are not interchangeable.


often not really interchangeable with -iken, it is interchangeable -ince and -dik zaman though :)

for example

when I woke up: uyanınca/uyandığımda/uyandığım zaman. "uyanırken" sounds like there was a long process of waking up, like you are waking up from a coma :) in general -iken fits where you use "while"


Are there rules on when I should use -ince and when -dik?


they are interchangeable, I think always, but I'll write here if I think of exceptions


Thanks for the better explanation Alex! :) Grammar Gurus to the rescue!


it seems in Turkish there is no any difference between position in space and position in time - like 4D continuum


Could this also be: Almanya'ya gidirken ailem beni her gün aradı? Or is this talking more about the trip i.e. the going there part e.g. it took me 7 days to get there and on the journey the family called me each day.


It looks like Selcen gave the answer already, referring to uyumak. -İken corresponds to "while", so your sentence would mean, "While I was going to Germany, my family called me every day." Like you said, it sounds like a long journey.


What's wrong with using the verb 'to ring' instead of 'to call'?


I added it as an alternative, but it just sounds a bit off to me. Not sure why though :)


Why (When I went to Germany my family have called me every day) is wrong?


I think it must be my family has instead of have


Almanya'ya sounds like Alemania in Spanish. It's so cool Middle-Eastern languages have similarities with my Native Language: Spanish!


turkish is turkic-altaic :)


I am a Native Turkish speaker (I am Albanian i lived in Turkey for 16 years) and this could be meant as "When i went to Germany my family was calling me every day" Please add


I wrote the same. Please report it so that they can see


"My family called me every day when i was in Germany" : why reject? I am probably missing the nuance between the two, and if i am, could you please give the Turkish translation for this?


You say when i was(be) but the example above says. When i went(go) Try this :)


'' When i went to Germany my family called me every day ''

Was not accepted



How would you say: My family called me every day when THEY went to Germany?


it should be: Almanya'ya gittiklerinde ailem beni her gün aradı


why is phoned not accepted?

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