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  5. "We take a break from work."

"We take a break from work."

Translation:Tógaimid sos ón obair.

April 27, 2015



What would "from the work" look like? I ask because I thought "ón" indicated "from the". Is it simply adding an "n" before a voweled word, like "sa chathair" vs. "san oíche"?


It would look the same. Obair is an abstract noun, so when used in this general sense, it takes an article.


Can you explain this more? I don't remember duolingo talking about article usage with abstract nouns.


The course here does not include an explanation of every grammatical feature of Irish. Abstract nouns (including, but not limited to, languages) when used in a wide or general sense take an article in Irish.


If any mods are reading, this would be useful to include as a grammar notes for the abstract nouns lessons.

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