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The letter "v"

Hola a todos!

Can anyone explain exactly how to pronounce the letter "v" in Spanish? I've heard that it's like the "b", but I'd like to know if it's exactly the same thing. If not, can you show the differences and how to pronounce it correctly?

Thx, Miguel

December 22, 2012



"v" usually does sound like "b" in Spanish usually and anyway, but the announcer usually may use either


I believe that the "v" is pronounced like the English "b" unless it is in between two vowels. Then it has a more breathy sound (often difficult - for me, anyway - to hear). It's sort of like trying to say the letter "b" without quite closing the lips. As far as I know, it is never sounded like the English "v".


So, if I say "v" or "b", both are right?


Thanks Emaca and vwlj

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