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What do you all think about Total Physical Response (TPR) and Comprehensible Input (CI)

I've been interested in these topics that deal with second language acquisition. TPR involves students copying the teacher's movements as they hear the command in the target language. CI states that we acquire language by understanding messages. Here are links to two videos that are about TPR and CI.

TPR: https://youtu.be/KmfnrYerYbY?t=14

CI: https://youtu.be/NiTsduRreug?t=3m19s

3 years ago



I discovered TRPS by accident one day, I am a self learner and frankly the TPRS books REVOLUTIONISED my learning, I really can't stress that enough! one thing is its important to note that TPR in the classroom is one thing and TPRS (or TPR storybooks) is something you can use outside the classroom, basically TRPS books are graded readers but they are better than usual graded readers in my view, they throw a limited about of words per book at you in MANY MANY ways in multiple contexts so you actually do learn the word, before TRPS my reading level was seriously low and I made the mistake of buying native level books that were way beyond me, once I found my level aka comprehensible input I was able to actually buy books at my level and slowly work up through them, in spanish the mira canion ones are really great, I bought mine from a website in holland but theres also a website usa based, both do mail order

3 years ago


I think CI is true.

3 years ago


Having a been around classes using TPR, I think it is far from what it is made out to be.

3 years ago