December 22, 2012


I had only seen one form of noir and I did not know that colours can change form.

Noir, like other adjectives, has a masculine (noir), feminine (noire), and plural form. The plural can be masculine (noirs) or feminine (noires)

this made my owl cry

thank you. Now I have a better understanding of the various endings of adjectives

thank u for the explanation :D

Ooooh... I see. Thank you!!

So, is it that the noun being described is feminine? Like would it be "Il a une robe noire" because robe is feminine?

correct, according to comments on this site.

So... Je a noirs means "I have blacks"?

No, that sentence does not make sense.

Imagine you are talking about your collection of jeans. You can say "j'en ai un noir" (I have a black one). In plural: "j'en ai des noirs". (In French, "a pair of jeans" = un jean).

Now for feminine words, like "chemise" (shirt): "j'en ai une noire" for singular and "j'en ai des noires" for plural.

Clarification: the "en" mentioned in the examples can be roughly translated here as meaning "of them"

J'en ai un noir = I have a black one (of them)

Or in another way (not grammatically correct in english), "I, of them, have a black one"

Thank you for the explanation \o/

yeah i totally agree with you.

a little unfair as 'noirs' is plural but it asks for Black not Blacks

Don't agree because it is an adjective most of the time. "black apples" --> "pommes noirs" so "black" translates to "noirs" is this case.

No, "pommes noirEs"

You're right, but adjectives of colours are extremely tricky : as soon as the colour is a fruit (orange), it becomes invariable: "des carottes orange."

are you saying that fruit colors are always singular even their object is plural?

Yes, examples:

Un pantalon marron, des pantalons marron, une robe marron, des robes marron.

thank you. clears that up

I didn't learn any other forms of noir than noir and noire.

Based on what I've learnt here so far I only know noir and noire

It should teach all the forms first- I hadn't seen the plural of black yet so I shouldn't get this wrong!

I learn from my mistakes as well as from the correct answers. Now you will remember, probably more than if you had guessed and got the answer marked as correct.

i understand why it seems unfair. I missed noires too. But I guess getting the answer wrong sometimes is good; helps u to learn.

Same problem. It was the first time I saw other the thwo other options, so that just had me guessing.. And know I have to do the whole thing all over...

Making a mistake, even when it isn't your fault, is a good way to learn. If you get a question wrong because you didn't have all the information necessary, next time you will (hopefully) remember being wrong.

oh yeah coz im a psychic

oh yeah coz im a psychic

Remember that French, like Spanish (my native language), is a Latin derived language, and in those, adjectives have both gender and number, and must match in gender and number with the noun they go with.

I didn't understand what's the diferent between noir, noire and noires?

Noir: masculine, singular Noire: feminine, singular Noirs: masculine, plural Noires: feminine, plural

Noires has not yet been used in the lesson. We've seen noir, and noire, but not noires. How could we know it existed? Nice to see the explanation in a comment, at least.

Noires has not yet been used in the lesson. We've seen noir, and noire, but not noires. How could we know it existed? Nice to see the explanation in a comment, at least.

Duolingo never gives any explanation about grammar and syntax.

When you discover a new word or construction:

  • either you guess (in this case, that according to singular/plural and masculine/feminine words, there are several forms for the same adjective: noir (masc. sing.), noire (fem. sing.), noirs (masc. plur.) and noires (fem. plur.).)

  • or you go to the main "Discussion" page and use the Search feature to check whether somebody else has asked a similar question (which is the case at 99%) and you read the answers already given by other learners.

this makes me get away from learning french. i dont want to give up.

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