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French tree completed and

I really didn't think it would be this emotional, but I think ending on spirituality and contemplating life and death made it a very morose and heavy experience and I feel like I should have maybe taken my time and not rushed through and that now all I have to look forward to is making what was once gold turn gold again and again and again and Que pouvons-nous espérer? French Redwood Tree? Who knows. If you're still on the path, maybe spend more time practicing skills than beginning new ones.

Salut à tous!

April 27, 2015



Congrats! Take some time to celebrate your achievement. :-)

An owl is for life (or at least until they add branches to the course, in which case you have to complete the updates to get it back), not just for Christmas. It is a good idea to go back over the material until you feel you have really mastered it, but don't stress about it.


All the more if you consider that new stuff is added nearly every day throughout the tree.


Is there still stuff being added? I was under the impression that there was one big update a while back, and that that was it... I have not yet gone back to regain my lost owl, but I was planning to do so -- maybe I'll wait until the updates are finished. Or will they keep going?

Thanks, as always, for everything you do for us learning French on here!


Yes, up-dates keep going: removal of awkward or less relevant sentences, replacement by better sentences, extensions (more conjugations, for example or new meanings for a given word, etc.), addition of alternative translations, brand new sentences... that's what Incubs are doing!

Major updates (= Tree versioning) can include additions of new words and/or units and/or lessons as part of existing units, that we cannot add on a daily basis.


Thanks for the information! I guess I'll have to get back on that particular horse, ahem owl, at some point, then...

I especially look forward to more practice of the subjunctive (both present and past), since I got pretty tired of all that going to the swimming pool the first time around, and still didn't feel that I got it. X-)


It's funny. I never know when I'll get a new sentence. I got one Saturday night that is from a French marching song "Aupres de mon blonde, qu'il fait bon dormir" I found out une blonde is used in Canada for girlfriend and according to the discussion, not used in France so much anymore. Then I had to learn the song from you tube. I love all the little treats, Sitesurf, that you and your coworkers put in for us.


Hi Jolynne, "ma blonde" is indeed used in Canada for girlfriend and indeed used in France but to mean something else: "une blonde" is a silly girl/woman.


I suspect these include the occasional questions I get lower in the tree that have no discussion yet . . . perhaps, because they are new sentences.


I hadn't considered that but that makes me feel a lot better about my future on here


Félicitations, et ne déprimez pas trop après cette leçon démoralisante ;)


D'accord, that French tree can be a bit existential and angst-y at times. Voici un lingot pour votre chagrin. Peut-être vous pouvez étudier Italien aussi, comme moi? Ils sembles assez heureux. Même si nous encore mourrons. (Just teasing...though I am still more into French...)


Merci! J'ai beaucoup d'argent, er... des lingots maintenant. On peux acheter pizza avec un lingot???


Bien sûr! If by 'pizza' you mean 'French Progress Quiz,' that is.


Congratulations. This is a very good accomplishment. I have noticed that some gold turns to some other color almost every day. I have my own lessons that, while I passed, still present me with problems. Good luck.


I've witnessed some of mine, places/objects, turning back from gold maybe 12 hrs later.


Thanks everyone! After some time, it doesn't feel so grave after all. I have much much more to learn and commit to memory.

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