"The cat is going outside."

Translation:Kedi dışarıya çıkıyor.

April 27, 2015

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To make it simpler:

"going" = "gidiyor", "going out" = "çıkıyor".

"gidiyor" is converted to "çıkıyor" when adding "out" to "going".

Please correct me if I'm wrong.


I am afraid I didn't catch it even after all explanations. If 'çıkmak' means 'to go out' why should we use 'dışarıya' here? Isn't 'çıkmak' enough? Is the purpose of 'dışarıya' to emphasize to direction of moving action?


Why does this not use gediyor?



for going out of a place, we always use "çıkmak". "dışarıya gitmek" sounds really weird and wrong to me


Thanks. So does that mean if the sentence was saying the cat is going inside, it would be gidiyor?


no that would be "giriyor", girmek (to enter, to go in) :)


Now I'm confused. So, girmek means to enter, or go in. Forget my example. If the situation is for example there are two gardens and me and the cat are in one. If the cat leaves the garden we are both in, to go into the other one. Which one would I use to say that cat is going to the other garden? Cikmek (as it is exiting mine), Gitmek (as it is going to the other one), or Girmke (as it is entering/going in to the other one).

Thanks for all your help in this by the way :)


OK so you can say

  • "kedi bu bahçeden çıkıyor": the cat is going out of this garden
  • "kedi diğer bahçeye gidiyor": the cat is going to the other garden
  • "kedi diğer bahçeye giriyor": the cat is going in/entering the other garden

thus, "going outside" can only be "çıkmak", and "going inside" can only be "girmek"



you can say "kedi iceri geliyor" --cat is coming in, or "kedi iceri giriyor"---cat is going in


Why is it (dişarıya) not (dışarıyı) i think we will say the second one with (görüyor) can someone explain it to me lütfen :)


Why "dışarıya", why not "dışına"?


I used gidiyor and it was considered correct. Is it correct or not?


Depends on situation of the inside. Explaining completely is hard. I will try to give a tip.

If you are inside, use only "girmek, gelmek" verbs for "to go in(side)" If the cat is still on road you must use "gelmek". If the cat have just entered inside, you can use both.

If you are inside, use only "çıkmak, gitmek" verbs for "to go out(side)"

If you are not inside, you can use "gitmek" safely.

To make more logical, i am adding somethings;

"Gitmek" means firstly "go" but its other meanings are "leave, move away, exit" The other meanings makes the word some negative. I am giving first meanings of the Turkish words that are important in this context.

gelmek - to come girmek - to enter çıkmak - to exit gitmek - to go


"The cat is going outside." Translation: Kedi dışarıya çıkıyor.


Kedi dışarıya gidiyor.

Correct other Turkish answer accepted by Duo.


Could gidiyor also be used?


I am confused outside is disariya or disinda ?

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