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"Hayır, annem asla buraya gelmeyecek."

Translation:No, my mother will never come here.

April 27, 2015



''No, my mother never will come here'' was marked as a wrong answer. I don't think it should be.


What's the difference between 'burada' and 'buraya' are they interchangeable


the case is different: buraya is dative*, which implies a movement to "here". Burada is the locative, which implies the action took place "here" (with possible movement, as long as it all takes place inside)

  • he is running in (within) the garden = bahçede koşuyor
  • he is running into the garden = bahçeye koşuyor

I'm learning too, I really hope i didn't make mistakes in here :-/

*Corrected, thanks to Sincaxi :) benjat, I suggest you (and I...) take some time to read the "tips and notes" in the skills devoted to the cases - they're easy to find, they tend to end in -ive


Actually, "buraya" is in the dative case. Accusative case is when a definite noun takes the suffix -i/ı/ü/u.


aucunLien already answered this, but he made one error. He said that "buraya" is accusative, but it's actually in the dative case. Other than that, his explanation is good. Just so you don't get confused by all these grammar terms in the future.


what's with you refusing "mom" as a translation to "annem"? "no, mom will never come here" idare eder ya :)


mom is an accepted translation, you must have had another mistake


Does just "mom" imply the meaning "MY mother" or should we say "my mom"?


If you capitalize it like it's a name, then yes, I think so. Same with "Dad" or "Grandpa", etc. My siblings and I still do that. But really only among each other. Talking to someone else, I'd say "my mom".


I answered" No Mom will never come here" and the answer was wrong, the translation to English thing keeps me busy figuring out the exact translation letter for letter to avoid getting the wrong answer, Other apps they give you the words ready to choose from and translate in your language rather than writing it yourself, am not here to learn English, it is distracting, all efforts should be focused on Turkish. please to reconsider


Is there a rule which adverb comes first? In this example asla before buraya, that means first time and then space?


I see that "asla" just assure the action of (not coming) .... but when it is used alone it indicates (negation).... am I right??


Isn't using "asla" along with " gelmeyecek" a double negative? In which case does it even make sense? Would "Annem asla buraya gelecek" be wrong?


"Hayır, annem buraya asla gelmeyecek" - is that so wrong? Is the word order really so strict?

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