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  5. Die Frau isst... Eat or Drink?


Die Frau isst... Eat or Drink?

Just starting out with this, and the drop down when introducing the word isst gives He/she/it eats, followed by you eat - then you drink. Does isst have the potential to mean to drink sometimes?

May 14, 2012



Dieter is right in that 'essen' means 'to eat' and 'trinken' means 'to drink'. However, the usage of the two isn't the same for all kinds of food in English and German. For example, in English you sometimes here people say they 'drink their soup'. In German you almost always say 'Ich esse meine Suppe'. (Although it technically is possible, 'die Suppe zu trinken').


NEIN auf keinen Fall ( eat ) ist ( essen / isst ) und ( drink ) ist ( trinken )

you eat - then you drink

( then ) means in this sentence "time order" ( dann ) ... also: ( Du isst, dann trinkst Du )


nochmal etwas deutlicher

you eat - then you drink == du isst, dann ( danach ) trinkst du

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