"Hvor er du?"

Translation:Where are you?

April 27, 2015

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The normal-speed speech sounds like "hvor er ar du", but the slow speech sounds like I expect: "hvor er du". Is this just a bug, or is there an extra syllable here?


I didn't hear an extra syllable, just "Hvor er du". However, the TTS does "stretch" the word "er" a bit, so that might be causing the "ar" sound.


Why does it give me two meanings of "hvor" but only accepts the first one, 'where' as a correct answer?


I think Duolingo gives all the possibilities regardless of context when we hover the cursor over a word.


Same question :( is "how" only "hvordan"?


Its really hard to learn questions in this section. I completed again and again and again but still I'm confused. I think it was better if it was be more methodical. I mean first learn all about one question then another, dansk-english then English-dansk writing translation, then listening just for the simple question. And after this go to another.


Here the phonetics are almost the same has in German! :-) For the same translation...


Hiw can one tell whether one is being asked where one is, or how one is doing? Context, I assume?


Where are you? Hvor er du? How are you? Hvordan har du det?


And, if you say Hvordan er du? You are asking how they are like (as a person/personality)

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