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  5. "Har du ringet til ham?"

"Har du ringet til ham?"

Translation:Have you called him?

April 27, 2015



If there i a difference between ringet and kaldt, could ringet be translated as phoned? Or at least understood that way? Is ringer specific to telephone calls while kalder is more to call out to someone?

[deactivated user]

    You're correct!

    ringe literally means "to ring", so we use it for making telephone calls.

    You can't use kalde when it comes to making a phone call, but you can use the noun et kald in the expression "at give et kald" (to give a call).

    • Give me a call = Giv mig et kald

    • I'll give you a call when I know more = Jeg giver dig et kald når jeg ved mere


    Great thanks, you've cleared that up for me. Here's a lingot. :)


    why is 'til' in there?


    In Danish ringe is an intransitive verb, so it needs a preposition afterwards, which in this case it's til.


    Could this not be "have you called to him"?


    Did you call him? No i have xalled him...


    To make a difference between kalder and ringer I wrote Have you called him up - which was marked wrong again


    if this is referring to calling on a telephone, why can you not say "have you rang him." this is perfectly acceptable in English


    Not sure whether it accepts it, but the correct grammatical form would be "rung" in your sentence.


    'ringet' is mispronunced in this exercise

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