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Find/follow learners with similar skills

Hi there, I didn't use Duolingo for some time now and am missing a functionality that was available in an earlier version: find and follow learners with similar skills. I don't remember how it was called, but you simply pressed a button and people with similar skills were shown. Is this still available somewhere?

December 22, 2012



yes in the 'follow people' button at the top. If you click it, it will have people learning like you and you can look up someone you know's name


Perhaps I'm just too tired but I can't find the button! Where is it located? Thx!!

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Different users have different top bars as we are running several experiments. There is either the 'Follow people' button between Vocabulary and Mobile, or a search box in the top right. Which one do you see?


There is a search box at the top right, Mobile is called iPhone here.


Can I just 'Follow people' with the search box? Would be nice to have that functionality back! Thx!


Yes, please clarify how to do this. I would like the ability to simply follow active users to see their input on discussion threads. Please provide an update on this functionality for users with various experimental layouts.


Still not there for me :( ...

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