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"Sei rimasto fuori tutta la notte senza chiamare."

Translation:You stayed out all night without calling.

September 17, 2013



is fuori as likely to mean 'outside' as 'out'? i.e. should 'you stayed outside all night without calling' be accepted (it isn't)?


It could mean "outside". If you really want to emphasize outside as opposed to inside, you can say "all'esterno."


I wish to offer the translation of "all night long without calling". Reported as a translation suggestion 8/03/14


"all night long without calling" together with "the whole night" are accepted!


outside was accepted 8th July 2014, but im struggling with the difference. the context can be very elusive, and using 'outside' instead of 'out' can change the meaning entirely


is it usual for a -ing ending in Englsih (here: calling) to be in the infintive form in Italian?


I think it varies. In English we can often use either the gerund or the infinitive. Other times only one can be used. It is idiomatic, so you just have to learn each case.


Tutto was rejected. Does it have to agree with la notte?


Man, what a musical sentence. I can almost hear an italian mom yelling this at her little figlio.


How do you know Sei does NOT mean "Six" in this instance....?


Context. We can see that the verb following sei requires an auxiliary verb preceding it. Rimasto specifically requires "essere" conjugated depending on the subject. Thus we have "sei rimasto" which translates to "you have remained" or "you stayed."


Could I ask someone on behalf of non-native English speakers to explain the meaning of 'calling' in this sentence? Does it refer to a phone call or a shout or something else in this context?


Calling would mean a phone call in this context. So the person being called would not worry.


Thanks a lot, Steve. I appreciate your help.


It means calling on the phone. In this context, that somebody was gone all night, it can mean any kind of communication; meaning the person didn't come home all night and did not text or call on the phone and left the speaker worrying.


Whole night is just as good as all night


DL seems to be equipping woman to handle naughty husbands and young adult children.


As far as I know rimanere means to remain and stare to stay. Why DL marks wrong to word remain?


So remain cannot be used instead of stayed?

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