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  5. No more lingots for streaks?


No more lingots for streaks?

I thought we were supposed to get lingots for every ten days of a streak, i.e. 6 for 60, 7 for 70 etc. I didn't get any at 80, and thought maybe it was a fluke, but then didn't get any at 90 either. So is 70 the lingot limit? I gotta say I was stupidly demoralized to get this far and not get them. :-/ (And, I emailed and got no response.)

April 27, 2015



It's an AB test to try and stop the lingot inflation, which means about half of us keep getting streak lingots, and half do not. You and I are in the unfortunate group :( However, I have plenty of lingots already, so here's nine.


Aww, that's sweet of you. :-) And holy crap, I'm impressed by all your languages!

And thanks for the info. It's slightly less frustrating knowing that it's not simply a bug. Seems to me that all they have to do to stop the lingot inflation is offer more stuff that can be bought with them, but, hey, what do I know. LOL


I'm with you on this one. We need to be able to get some use from our lingots. The reason inflation occurs is because of lack of ability or need to use them


Another demotivating grand idea from DL. Indeed the Lingots, after accumulating a certain amount, are totally useless, however, like seeing interest accumulating in your bank account, it was nice to find that you had about 50 more Lingots after every 10 days.


Did a mod confirm that it's an AB test? I've never gotten a response from mods about questions concerning testing...


A member of staff made a sticky post about it not too long ago. I think it was Vivisaurus.


Cool, thanks. I'll have a look. Do you know if staff members are the ones with the blue ring and white star?


Found it! https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8129285 Yes, blue rings are paid staff, and green rings are volunteer moderators.

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Sigh. Another nail in the coffin of the gamification which was the whole basis upon which Duo was sold to me. (I too seem to be in the test group, as ever, and have had no lingots for my 470 and 480 day streak achievements.) So no more lingots from revising old lessons, no more from maintaining a streak, and a long hard slog up the levels now you only earn 7-10XP per lesson.


I got my lingots for my streak today although I didn't ten days ago. Have they stopped the test?


Tell me this is true!!! I need confirmation folks.


I got to my 70 day streak just now and didn't get any lingots for that, also didn't get any for my 60 day streak. So to me it appears they are still "testing" it.


I seem to have changed groups then! Odd. I wasn't expecting them. Unless earning them a minute after midnight confused the system in some way? I don't actually care, it is just strange. I have over 4000 anyway!


Well, I did receive double lingots once for the streak lingots. I think it may have had to do with me working on lessons at midnight (pure speculation of course). I'd really like to figure out how you were able to 'beat the system', as it were!

Have you by chance just started a new tree and/or switched to a new 'native' language recently? Walk me through your evening/morning.


I'm on the last section of my Danish tree. I started the lesson just before midnight and finished it just after. It awarded the xp and immediatly gave me the lingots for the streak.


I didn't receive lingots for days 260 or 270, so it doesn't look they've finished testing yet (as of 30 April 2015).


yes I missed mine for 150 days and today for 160 days. Maybe they figure we are hooked?


Yeah it is weird, I'm only been on Duolingo for a little over a month but been a very serious user. Never ever received lingots for my streaks :-(.


Talking award and gratification, we don't need much to keep us going, something free, we can't do anything will do - now don't just take that away from us. They would not be overinflated if they took the time to developed a couple more lessons, that we can buy. I am older so in Spanish learn how to flirt is not my first priority - but I loved the idioms.

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