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  5. "Is Teachta Dála mé."

"Is Teachta Dála mé."

Translation:I am a Deputy.

April 27, 2015



Interesting it marked me incorrect for "I am a member of the Dail", correcting me to " I am a member of parliament".


That's wrong then. Oireachtas is the word for parliament. Senators are members of parliament as well as TDs. Your answer was more correct.


The answer "I am a Deputy " is certainly misleading to non irish natives. Deputy has many meanings such as assistant etc. But Teachta Dála is very specific. To native Irish the translation is member of parliament without doubt or even member of the Dáil.


Teachta means " Messenger; envoy, representative", so I don't see how it's all that misleading to non-Irish natives, though it would be clearer if the answer was "I'm a Dáil Deputy", as I'm sure that there are one or two Irish natives who associate the word "deputy" with "sheriff" too.

And I disagree with the suggestion that "to native Irish the translation is member of parliament". It is extremely rare for anyone in Ireland to refer to a TD as a "member of parliament", even though that term is in widespread use in Ireland, due to coverage of UK politics. The terms just aren't interchangeable. The Irish for "Member of Parliament" is Teachta Parlaiminte or Feisire, and we don't even use teachta for "Member of the European Parliament", which is Feisire de Pharlaimint na hEorpa.


That is helpful! GMMA.


And this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dáil_Éireann (There is still the bug with this new build which chops off the end of the link, so cut and paste.)


Trying to second guess what they wanted, I changed from'deputy' to Dail deputy': not accepted!


99% of the time, people just say "TD", and "I'm a TD" is accepted.

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