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"Onze groep eet lunch met de kinderen."

Vertaling:Our group eats lunch with the children.

April 27, 2015

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No english speaker would translate this to; "Our group eats".

In stead, the correct translation would be; "Our group is having lunch with the children".


This sentence has been added by a native English speaker within the Dutch team. Both "Our group eats" as well as "Our group is eating" are correct.

Remember that "Our group eats lunch with the children/Onze groep eet lunch met de kinderen" can for example also just be a statement given to parents at a daycare or anything else. The Dutch sentence does not imply that it is happening at this moment and that only the present continuous is correct.


In het Nederlands zeg je dit niet. Het is: Onze groep luncht met de kinderen of Onze groep eet de lunch met de kinderen.


We zeggen dit wel, we hebben er zelfs een woord voor: Anglicisme. :)

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