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Please provide a shorter / easier URL for students to type to join a class!

When we create a link for students to join our class, it turns out very long, with o$o= and gobbledygook that ELL students have a difficult time copying without making mistakes.

I had been using goo.gl as a shortener to provide a simpler link for them to type - but Google has (for some reason) blocked Duolingo from that service for spam(?).

The easy fix, of course, would be for Duolingo to stop giving lengthy URLs for joining a classroom and provide a GROUP CODE instead, or at least a shortened URL such as duolingo.com/5XXE32 or some such.

In before anyone says "just have them click the link", many of my students are computer illiterate, and forcing them to logon to another service (edmodo/email, etc) just to click a link isn't very effective. Much easier to have them just type something into Duolingo itself.

April 27, 2015



You could try TinyURL to shorten the URL.

Or you could bookmark the link so they don't have to type anything at all.


I think it is intended for them to either click on or to copy and paste, not to type out by hand.

Lrtward, great suggestion!


True. Yet, it would be great if the entry barrier is as low as possible. So, a string that is also easily typable would be nice.


Another one that could be used is https://bitly.com/shorten/ :)


Would not suggest using bitly.com, since trust is placed in bitly instead of in the trusted domain name of duolingo.com. Abuse can take place throug using non-duolingo URL's shortened with bitly to allure users to visit different sites (e.g. malware, porn, and other undesired).

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