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Thank you for Portuguese!

Thank you, Duolingo, for Portuguese. I'm Brazilian-American, and when I speak Portuguese, I stutter. A lot. This has me learning it and speaking it more fluently!

December 22, 2012



Same here. And I'm finally learning how to spell and conjugate properly! This is awesome.


I also appreciate having this here! There is much more opportunity to practice my comprehension with your program, and that is what I need most! (My comprehension when someone speaks to me is very bad still.) I am excited for this program. (now, if you could also do European Portuguese, I would really love that!) :)


Thank you also, Duolingo, for Portuguese. I'm now in Brazil on vacation and I can throw sentences together that seem to be understood (at least after a couple of repetitions!). This is just awesome, thanks again!


gud 4 u... it rly helps us :)

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