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  5. "Qual é a minha janela?"

"Qual é a minha janela?"

Translation:Which one is my window?

September 17, 2013



I don't see that "what" would be a wrong choice here. It may be used as well as "which" in normal english to mean the same thing here.


I wouldn't agree with that - this is one case, unless you're trying to determine whether it's glass or plastic, for example, where the translation is definitely which [one].


Not good english to say "what is my window" in this context ......you know what the window is,but you need to know which window it is.


How do you know when "Qual" means "what" and when it means "which"?

For example, "Qual é a minha janela?" means "Which one is my window?", whereas "Qual é a ocupacao dela?" means "What is her occupation?"


This discussion thread definitely helped, especially the Youtube video link provided by r_i_l_e_l_y. Although the video is about the difference between "Que" and "Cual" in Spanish, it seems to also apply to BP. For example, in both of the sentences I provided above as examples of "qual" meaning what or which, in both cases there is a limited number of possible answers, which according to the video is one of the usage rules about when to use "Qual" vs. "Que".


SO, WHAT IS THE ANSWER (difference) "???


Which one's my window is also the correct English translation. One's = short form of "one is". I don't know why that answer is not acceptable.


Would "Qual é minha janela?" be correct?


But I think that would mean: "Which is my window?" Right?


The one is superfluous. Which is my window is also correct.


how many meanings does the Portuguese word "Qual" have?!


In american english we would say "which one is my window?" or "which window is mine?" Almost never would we say "which is my window?"

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